Historical Patches

Historical Military Patches
Vintage Military Patches & Military Division Patches

Army Air Forces

The myriad styles of patches worn by crews in various theaters of operations have been recreated using original patches and artwork for reference.

AVG Flying Tigers

The artwork used in recreating these patches came from original patches and art that adorned their aircraft and flight jackets.

United States Army

We created the Army's Golden Knights logo in great detail, in layered leather and embroidery. This patch adorns their A-2 jackets.

United States Air Force

Based on the USAF Thunderbird's logo, we designed this patch in layered leather and embroidery. It is worn by the team on their A-2 flight jackets.

United States Marine Corps

WWII Marine Corps squadron patches are difficult to find. The artwork for these examples came from different original sources.

United States Navy

To confuse enemy intelligence during WWII, the Navy constantly reassigned patches to different squadrons. We created these through exhaustive research.

Specialty Patches

The patches in this section cover units that do not fall under a specific category. They are very special and have their place in aviation history.

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