Gentex Helicopter Helmets

Gentex Helicopter Helmets

Gentex has manufactured flight helmets for over 65 years.  Gentex helmets are used by the entire U.S. Armed forces, by over 50 countries, and by countless Air Medical, Law Enforcement, and commercial helicopter crews. They are renowned for innovation, reliability, and quality assurance.

Gentex helmets are manufactured in a ISO-9001 certified factory and tested in an AS9001C certified laboratory under full-time, on-site, Defense Logistics Agency oversight.  You can have confidence in Gentex helicopter helmets.

Gentex HGU-56/P

The HGU-56/P helicopter helmet is the most protective helicopter every made. It has higher impact standards, new earcup impact standards and tough shell penetration standards. More helicopter crews use HGU-56/P helmets than any other.

Gentex SPH-5

The SPH-5 helicopter helmet is widely used in Air Medical and Law Enforcement. It is the latest, and best, version of the SPH series of helicopter helmets that have been used by helicopter crews for over 50 years.

Gentex HGU-84/P

The HGU-84/P helicopter helmet has been used by Navy and Marine Corps helicopter pilots for over 20 years. It is a small, versatile helmet, available in several practical configurations.

Gentex Alpha Eagle

The Alpha Eagle helicopter helmet is a stable comfortable helmet incorporating a ratchet nape adjustment for helmet stability and webbing mounted independently adjustable ear cups.

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About This Page: The Gentex helmets brand is a leader in aviator flight helmets. Gentex flight helmets come in a variety of styles that are both functional and adaptable to suit any and all of your needs. Browse our complete selection of Gentex military helmets today.