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Earpads & Earseals

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HGU Earpad Spacer Kit

One of the most important factors in making a helmet quiet is to have the proper spacing of the earpads or earcups. Spacer kits include two thick and two thin spacers that can be used individually or in combination to firmly compress your earpads or earcups
Starting at: $18.00

Standard Earpads

Standard earpads are made from genuine leather lambskin bonded to two layers of wedge-shaped ether foam. The wedge shape matches the shape of your face which is wider above your ears than below. Available in black, and grey.
Starting at: $44.00

Sound Block Earpads

Sound Block™ Earpads combine the comfort of soft lambskin earpads with the sound attenuation of the MX-8376/AR earcup. Made from thick ether foam bonded to genuine leather lambskin.
Starting at: $44.00

Memory Pad Earpads

Thick earpads made from soft, self-adjusting memory foam bonded inside die-cut genuine leather lambskin . Memory foam instantly and continuously adjusts so you get a comfortable and firm seal around your ear.
Starting at: $64.00

Comfort Seal Earpads

Upgrade your helmet with softer and more comfortable earpads. Comfort Seal™ earpads are made out of supple lambskin covering visco-elastic foam.
Starting at: $62.00

Hard Plastic Earcups

Hard plastic earcups for HGU-33, HGU-55, and HGU-68 helmets. Required for Active Noise Reduction (ANR) in these helmets.
Starting at: $20.00

Earcup Filler pad

Foam pad located in the earcup. One per earcup is required.
Starting at: $4.00

HGU Earphone Holder

Foam pad located in the earcup which surrounds the earphone. One per earcup is required.
Starting at: $4.00

Quiet Kit for Earcups

The denser and thicker visco-elastic foam is a popular alternative to the standard foam installed.
Starting at: $20.00


This earseal has a raised inner ring and is constructed of vinyl over ether foam, designed to fit helmet earcups. The raised inner ring for added sound attenuation and added comfort.
Starting at: $14.00

Gel Earseals

Gel-filled earseals used with earcups to add comfort and sound attenuation.
Starting at: $22.00

Leather Comfort Earseals Black

Leather covered visco-elastic foam earseals to use with earcups.
Starting at: $68.00
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