Adapter Cords

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Adapter Cords

Adapter cords adapt from one type of plug to another, by Gibson-Barnes.
Starting at: $74.00

Communication Converters

Communications adapters to convert military communications to civilian (VHF) radios.
Starting at: $118.00

Extender Cords

Extender cords extend the length of a cord, but do not change the impedence of the earphones or microphones.
Starting at: $78.00
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Handheld Radio Adapter Cords
Quality Handheld Radio Accessories & Converters

Adapter cords and communication converter cords.

Gibson & Barnes
1900 Weld Blvd, #140
El Cajon, CA 92020

About This Page: Optimize the use of your handheld radios with use of handheld radio adapter cords. Gibson & Barnes carries a wide variety of handheld radio accessories and radio adapter cords.