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Gentex HGU-84 with Dual Lens Bungee Visor

Item No. HHK9
The HGU-84 helicopter helmet was developed by Gentex® for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.
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HGU-84 with dual lens bungee visor $1,580.00

Gentex HGU-84 with Dual Lens Bungee Visor

The HGU-84 helicopter helmet was developed by Gentex for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. Its rigid Graphlon® composite shell is pressure-molded laminated graphite and ballistic nylon. It is a lightweight, low profile, compact design. The HGU-84’s frontal opening is cut back for maximum peripheral vision. Its genuine sheepskin edgeroll covers a soft foam core around the entire edge of the shell. The lightweight, tapered earcups, cushioned earseals, and spacer pads provide excellent sound attenuation.

A half-inch thick styrofoam energy-absorbing liner provides impact protection and a preformed Super Comfort Liner assures a comfortable, stable fit. Its unique one-piece integrated chin-and-nape strap is threaded through the helmet and adjusts to provide a snug, stable fit.

This HGU-84 helmet comes equipped with a dual bungee visor system. (Single Lens Bungee Visor is shown in the image). Standard color is white. 

This helmet is approved for use in helicopter flight operations by: Bureau of Land Management (BLM) , Office of Aviation Services (OAS), and the United States Forest Service (USFS).
When you replace components or install additional components on Gentex products, always use genuine, factory-new Gentex parts.This will ensure a correct fit and maintain the safety of the product. Use of non-Gentex parts (salvaged, refurbished, ect.) for replacement or additional installation will void any product warranty and may compromise the safety of the user.
Export Restrictions Warning: The Export of U.S. manufactured aviation flight helmets is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U.S. Department of State Office of Defense Trade Controls, in accordance with International Traffic in Arms (ITAR), Title 22, Code of Federal Regulations Part 120-130, and/or the U.S. Department of Commerce. For further information contact the Office of Defense Trade Control at (202) 663-1282 and / or the U.S. Department of Commerce.


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Size: "Gentex HGU-84 with Dual Lens Bungee Visor"

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Paint: "Gentex HGU-84 with Dual Lens Bungee Visor"

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Standard Paint Color Options

These are the colors we carry in stock. (If you do not want a name on the back of the helmet, please put N/A in the "Name on back" text field.)

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Custom Paint Color Options

For paint colors other than our standard stock colors please call for a quote 1-800-440-5904

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Custom Artwork

Please call for any custom artwork, our helmet sales team will be more than happy to assist you. 1-800-440-5904

Options: "Gentex HGU-84 with Dual Lens Bungee Visor"

Included Lens Kit (installed)

The assembly includes both an inner clear visor and an outer dark visor that attach to each other and snap to the helmet.

HG-B7343-1  Dual Bungee Visor Kit $0.00
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Lens Options

Please call for additional lens options 1-800-440-5904
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HGU-84 Maxillofacial Shield

HG-D12001-2  Maxillofacial Shield, Black, Medium/Large $290.00
HG-D12001-3  Maxillofacial Shield, Black, X-Large/X-Large Wide $290.00

Microphone: "Gentex HGU-84 with Dual Lens Bungee Visor"

Microphone Mount Options

HCM-MTR  Microphone round mount (included) $0.00
HCM-MTO2  Microphone Mount on Oxygen Mask Bracket $38.00
HCM-MTBAY  Microphone Mount on T-Bayonet $70.00
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Microphone Assembly Options

No Option  No microphone with my helmet $0.00
HCM-EL-BF06  Electret microphone with cord & flex boom (Civil Recommended) $128.00
HCM-EL-BW07  Electret microphone with cord & wire boom $108.00
HCM-M87-BA07  M-87 mic with amplifier & wire boom $174.00
HCM-M87-BC07  M-87 mic with cord & wire boom (military impedance) $108.00
HCM-ML-BF10  Military Flex Boom 10" $148.00
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Leather Microphone Cover

HCM-EL-CL  Leather windscreen for electret microphones $18.00
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Microphone Light Options

No Option  No microphone light on helmet $0.00
HCM-LM-GGG  Microphone light 3 green $72.00
HCM-LM-GGW  Microphone light 2 green & 1 white $98.00
HCM-LM-RRR  Microphone light 3 red $72.00
HCM-LM-WWW  Microphone light 3 white $98.00
HCM-LM-WWWF  Microphone light ML-18 w/2A Filter $132.00
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Microphone Light Flex Boom Mounting Kit

HCM-LM-YK  Microphone light mounting kit for Flex Booms $10.00

Earphones: "Gentex HGU-84 with Dual Lens Bungee Visor"

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Earphone & ANR Options (Includes Installation)

ANR = Active Noise Reduction

No Option  No earphones with my helmet $0.00
HCE-0300-P  Earphone 300 ohm Pair (Civil Recommended) $60.00
HCE-1000-P  E993 earphone 1000 ohm Pair $60.00
HCA-K300  ANR 300 ohm (kit) $310.00
HCE-0019-P  H-143/AIC earphone 19 ohm Pair (military impedance) $60.00
HCA-K017  ANR 17 ohm (kit) - (military impedance) $310.00
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Deluxe Earseal Covers

HS-ESC  Deluxe earseal covers (pair) $12.00
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Quiet Kit

HEC-QK1  Quiet Kit for Earcups $16.00

Included Earseals

Comes standard with earseals installed

HG-C7589  HGU-84 Earseals (included) $0.00
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Earpad & Earseal Options

If you would like a different earseal installed please specify in the special instructions below.

HEP-D3  Leather Comfort Seal Earpads Earcup (pair) $58.00
HEC-ESG-P  HGU Earseals-Gel - Pair (Included in ANR Kit) $38.00
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Helmet Cord Options

ANR = Active Noise Reduction

No Option  No cord installed in my helmet $0.00
HCC-1H-C00S  TP-120 helo coiled cord $78.00
HCC-1F-S36S  TP-120 FW straight cord 36" $78.00
HCC-1F-S48S  TP-120 FW straight cord 48" $86.00
HCC-1F-S60S  TP-120 FW straight cord 60" $94.00
HCC-2F-C00S  P5568 FW coiled cord $88.00
HCC-2F-S36S  P5568 FW straight cord 36" $86.00
HCC-2F-S48S  P5568 FW straight cord 48" $94.00
HCC-2F-S60S  P5568 FW straight cord 60" $102.00
HCA-1F-C00SL  ANR TP-120 FW coiled cord panel jack $128.00
HCA-1F-C00SK  ANR TP-120 FW coiled cord for battery pack $110.00
HCA-2F-C00SL  ANR P5568 FW coiled cord panel jack $144.00
HCA-2F-C00SK  ANR P5568 FW coiled cord for battery pack $138.00
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Volume Control Options

Volume ControlSelect
Please call 800-440-5904 and speak with a Helmet Rep. to talk about in-line volume control option.
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CEP Kit Options (Includes Installation)

CEP = Communications Ear Plug

HCE-PKIT-CM  Kit with Mini CEP, Interface & 2 Pairs mixed tips $148.00
HCE-PKIT-CMV  Kit with Mini CEP Vented, Interface & 2 Pairs mixed tips $148.00

Special Instructions

Please enter any information you would like to make us aware of.

Accessories: "Gentex HGU-84 with Dual Lens Bungee Visor"

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Skull Caps

HBS1-WX  Pilot's Skull Cap - white $9.00
HBS1-LX  Pilot's Skull Cap - black $9.00
HBS1-RX  Pilot's Skull Cap - red $9.00
HBS1-BR  Pilot's Skull Cap - royal blue $9.00
HBS1-BN  Pilot's Skull Cap - navy blue $9.00
HBS1-GX  Pilot's Skull Cap - gray $9.00
HBS1-EX  Pilot's Skull Cap - green $9.00
HBS1-YX  Pilot's Skull Cap - yellow $9.00
HBS3-LX  ANR Skull Cap, black $9.00
HBS3-GX  ANR Skull Cap, gray $9.00
HBS3-EX  ANR Skull Cap, green $9.00
HBS3-BN  ANR Skull Cap, navy blue $9.00
HBS3-KX  ANR Skull Cap, red $9.00
HBS3-BR  ANR Skull Cap, royal blue $9.00
HBS3-WX  ANR Skull Cap, white $9.00
HBS3-YX  ANR Skull Cap, yellow $9.00
HBSY  Military Skull Cap - gray $22.00
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Helmet Bags

HBBM  Military helmet bag $32.00
HBBN  Tall military helmet bag $42.00
HBBD  Deluxe nylon helmet bag $78.00
HBBL  Deluxe leather helmet bag $278.00
HG-D8235  GENTEX Deluxe Large helmet bag - Woodlands Camo   $266.00


Style: HHK9 - HGU-84 with dual lens bungee visor $1,580.00












Total: $1,580.00
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