Your Guarantee

Your Guarantee

We guarantee your purchase to be 100% satisfactory. If you are dissatisfied with anything you purchase from us, please return it unaltered, with your sales receipt within 30 days of purchase. We'll replace it or refund your money.

We guarantee every uniform, jacket, and helmet to fit the person it was made for. If your purchase doesn't fit right, please return it with your sales receipt within 30 days of purchase. If your purchase was a standard size, we'll exchange it for another standard size. If it was made to measure, we'll alter or remake it at no charge. (Excludes leather jackets).

Of course, we guarantee the stitching and zippers on every uniform and jacket for as long as the original purchaser owns it. If the stitching comes loose or a zipper breaks, please return the item to us with your sales receipt. We will will repair it at no charge.

Thousands of professionals and aviation enthusiasts visit our factory every year and you are welcome too!

Sit in our aircraft carrier ready room seats and watch aviation videos on our TV.

Compare our guarantee with any other company's guarantee. We can offer our guarantee because we are sure our products are the best to be found anywhere.


Gibson & Barnes' Guarantee

Competitor's Guarantee

Time to Return Purchase if you are dissatisfied.30 days10 Days
If Your Purchase Doesn't Fit

We will exchange standard sizes for another standard size.  Or you can upgrade to a made-to-measure item.

One competitor actually charges $50 for alterations.


We will alter or remake your made-to-measure purchase free.

Others will tell you they made the purchase to your measurements and it is your problem.


We are so confident of our quality that we guarantee stitching and zippers for as long as you own the garment.

Generally you must discover the problem during the short time you have to return the purchase.  After that poor workmanship is your problem.

Customer Service

We will deal with you honestly and cheerfully.  If you have a problem, we'll fix it.  And we won't give you a hard time.  Some of our customers, like the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels,  have purchased from us for over 25 years.  We don't keep customers like that by treating them badly.

Many blame the problem on you.  They'll say "We made it the way you ordered it" or " We're experts".  You can expect to solve the problem yourself.  If your uniform or jacket doesn't look right, they'll say "Thats the way it has always been made".

Where Products Are Made

Gibson & Barnes has its own 35,000 square foot factory with 115 employees.  We give factory tours every day and welcome your visit.  And we have a showroom with products, movies, music and refreshments.

Most don't even have a factory.  They contract everything out or just resell some other manufacturer's products.  Some don't even have an office.  Ask them if you can visit their showroom or factory.


Gibson & Barnes
1900 Weld Blvd, #140
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About This Page: Gibson & Barnes is America’s largest manufacturer of high-quality, made-to-order, flight suits, uniforms, leather jackets, and flying helmets for aviation, emergency medicine, and law enforcement.