NOMEX® (DEFIANT®) Flame Resistant Uniform Fabrics

DEFIANT® Flame Resistant Uniform Fabrics

Gibson & Barnes' DEFIANT® uniform fabrics are made from DuPont™ NOMEX® IIIA fiber. DEFIANT® fabrics inherently resist flames and many chemicals and they dissipate static. The fire, chemical, and static resistance of these fabrics does not wash out during laundering. Fabrics made from NOMEX® IIIA fiber are widely used for clothing for the military, fire fighters, auto racers, and industrial workers.

NOMEX® IIIA is a blend of 93% NOMEX®, 5% KEVLAR®, and 2% P-140 fibers manufactured by DuPont. NOMEX® is a meta-aramid fiber that doesn't ignite, melt, or drip, and it retains its mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. KEVLAR® is a para-aramid fiber that has high tensile strength and is used to reinforce NOMEX®. P-140 is a static-dissipative fiber.

DEFIANT® uniform fabrics are available in lightweight plain-weave, heavyweight twill, and 4.5-ounce mil-spec fabric.

  • The lightweight plain-weave fabric is strong, but also can keep you cool.
  • The heavyweight twill has a crisp, professional appearance and will give years of good-looking service.
  • The 4.5-ounce military-specification fabric is used for the military CWU-27/P flight suit and is available in sage green, tan, and camouflage.
  • Other weights and weaves are available for special orders.

Gibson & Barnes uses thread and zippers made from NOMEX® in its uniforms made from DEFIANT® fabrics. Uniforms made from DEFIANT® fabric can be laundered or dry cleaned.

DEFIANT® is a trademark of Gibson & Barnes. NOMEX® and KEVLAR® are trademarks of E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company.

Fabric swatches are available. Other colors and special colors can be dyed. Color availability and shade change from time to time. DEFIANT® and RESOLUTE® shades do not match precisely.

Thinsulate is a trademark of 3M company. Excella is a trademark of YKK Corporation.

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