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How to Measure for a Perfect Fit

Hold tape snugly, but not tightly against your body.

When measuring chest, waist, and hips, tape should be parallel to floor.

When measuring for a flight suit, measure over garments you intend to wear under the flight suit.

Chest/Bust: With arms relaxed at sides, measure around the fullest part of chest/bust.

Natural Waist: Measure around fullest part of waist(usually at navel level and small of back A ).

Pant Waist: Measure around point where your trousers would normally ride (in your underwear).

Hips: Stand with heels together. Measure around fullest part of hips/seat.

Inseam: Measure from snug in crotch B to bottom hem of well fitting pants C.

Outseam: Measure from side point of "Pant Waist" measurement D, to bottom hem of pants E.

Shoulder: Across from widest point of one shoulder F, up to center-back of neck's base G, to widest point of opposite shoulder H.

Sleeve: From center-back of neck base G, around widest point of shoulder H, to back of slightly bent elbow I, to wrist J.

Collar to Waist: Measure from bottom of collar G, down to center-back of "Natural Waist" A. Let tape measure follow contour of back.

Collar to Inseam: Repeat "Collar to Waist", but continue down to snug up inside center inseam B, following contour of seat.

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