Important Facts 2

Important Facts

Important Facts In the last 33 years, Gibson & Barnes has outfitted more pilots, police officers, and EMS personnel than anyone else. Over 60,000 customers use our products to do their jobs. Read 22 reasons why they order again and again.

  1. Extra pockets and zippers. When you're working, seconds count. You need to know exactly where your flashlight and trauma shears are. That's why Gibson & Barnes gives you lots of useful pockets. And we'll add all the extra pockets and zippers you need to do your job. If you need embroidery or stripes so the other agencies can tell who you are, we'll add them too.
  2. Dozens of standard sizes. When a medium is too small and a large is too big, you'll be glad you called Gibson & Barnes. We have the widest size range in the industry. We make our uniforms in men's sizes 36 to 52, and ladies size 4 to 26. And we make them all in regular, short and tall lengths. You'll get a good fit with our standard sizes.
  3. Made to measure. If nature gave you wide shoulders and a long waist (or vice versa), Gibson & Barnes will make a uniform or jacket exactly to your measurements. We use a computer design system to adjust your pattern so it fits exactly right. Then we save the pattern on disk so you can order the same size again and again.
  4. Free alterations. You want your made-to-measure uniform and cloth jacket to fit right. Gibson & Barnes guarantees that your uniform and cloth jacket will fit the way you want them to. If they don't, we'll alter them free.
  5. Fire resistance. When your job exposes you to danger from fire or explosion, you will be glad you are wearing a Gibson & Barnes uniform made from fabric of NOMEX® IIIA aramid fiber. Its fire and chemical resistance is built into the fiber so it never washes out.
  6. Shrink resistance. Even after dozens of washings, your Gibson & Barnes uniform will be the same size as when it was new. That's because we specify uniform fabrics that shrink less than three percent. We add half an inch to the length of your uniform to compensate for the shrinkage.
  7. Stains come out. Souvenirs from work like grass and blood stains should come out in the washing machine. That's why Gibson & Barnes uses Resolute®, a 65% polyester / 35% cotton twill fabric with a soil release finish that helps you get out tough stains. Just check the stain removal guide that comes with every uniform.
  8. Computerized cutting. Gibson & Barnes uses computerized cutters and sewing machines so your uniform is cut exactly right, every seam bar-tacked, and every thread trimmed. Sure, all this technology was expensive, but you get uniforms and jackets that look good, fit right, and last longer.
  9. Lots of pressing. When you take your new uniform or jacket out of the box, you want to wear it, not send it to the cleaners for pressing. We press every pocket, flap, and tab at 6 manufacturing stations. Then we give your uniform a finish press after inspection. Most manufacturers use sewing guides and don't press at all. That's another reason our uniforms will look better and last longer.
  10. Experience is knowledge. You do a good job because of your training and experience, and so do our employees. Our sewing operators average 22 years in the apparel industry and 12 years with Gibson & Barnes. Your uniform and jacket will look, fit, and wear better because experienced people made it.
  11. Same uniform every year. We've been making the same products for 21 years, and you can be sure that the uniform or jacket you order this year will still be available next year. We use the same fabrics, leathers, zippers and other materials year after year so all your uniforms will match.
  12. Fine leathers. A high quality leather jacket should be supple, strong, and good looking. That's not easy because leather is a natural product and every hide is different. We scour the earth to find the right leather for your jacket. We use Italian-tanned horsehide and Lambskin. Our goatskin is from Pakistan, a mountainous environment that results in healthier goats; yielding bigger and almost blemish-free hides. Then we inspect every hide for thickness, strength, hand, grain, finish, and luster.
  13. Hand matching. You want all the leather in your jacket to have the same look and feel. Since we use up to 6 hides to make a jacket, the cutter lays them side by side to match them. He touches and caresses each hide to be sure they all look and feel the same, a process he has repeated thousands of times. Then he cuts your jacket with a steel blade he hand-sharpens himself. No cookie cutter production here; your jacket has been cut by a true artisan.
  14. Patient craftsmanship. When our leather sewers make your jacket, they take their own sweet time. They tug, pull, pound, and stitch until every corner is square and flat, every curve graceful, and every seam straight and true. When they are finished, your jacket is perfect.
  15. The right pattern. You want your A-2 or G-1 jacket to be genuine in every detail from the roll of the collar to the width of the waistband. So we did our research before we sewed a single stitch. Your jacket will fit and look right because the patterns are authentic.
  16. Custom fit helmets. You may not make 9-g turns in an F-16 like some of our customers, but your job is just as demanding. That's why comfort and fit are so important in a helmet. We pour custom fit helmet liners that conform to every bump on your head. Then we sculpt the helmet¹s hand-sewn leather edge roll to exactly fit your face.
  17. New lightweight helmets. At the end of a long flight, you'll be glad you¹re wearing a lightweight Gentex helicopter helmet. Gibson & Barnes stocks the latest U.S. military helicopter helmets. And you¹ll be surprised how comfortable they are, even after a full day of surveillance, fire fighting, or air-medical flights.
  18. Reliable communications. When you press the push-to-talk, you want to hear and speak clearly. That's why Gibson & Barnes uses top quality earphones and microphones from the world's leading military suppliers. They have been battle tested for performance. We braid cords to fit almost any aircraft and can convert military helmets to work in civil aircraft.
  19. Worry free gear. Our customers work in extreme occupations under difficult conditions. The last thing they need to worry about is their gear. That's why so many professionals order their uniforms, helmets, and leather jackets from Gibson & Barnes. We have outfitted everyone from test pilots, FBI agents, and flight nurses to astronauts, movie stars, and foreign potentates. They all have different reasons for coming to us, but the common thread is our quality and good service.
  20. Repeat customers. When you're satisfied, you wouldn't dream of going somewhere else. Most of our customers order from us over and over again, some for more than 25 years. Everyone at Gibson & Barnes will work diligently to please you. Our goal is to keep you coming back.
  21. Your personal representative. When you call Gibson & Barnes, you¹ll speak to a personal representative who knows our products inside out. They'll help find the right product to meet your needs. And they have the authority to turn this place upside down to help you. Ask for your personal representative by name every time you call.
  22. Your Guarantee. We guarantee everything you purchase from us to be 100% satisfactory. If you are dissatisfied with anything you purchase from us, please return it unaltered, with your sales receipt within 30 days of purchase. We'll replace it or refund your money. We guarantee every uniform, jacket, and helmet to fit the person it was made for. If your purchase doesn't fit right, please return it with you sales receipt within 30 days of purchase. If your purchase was a standard size, we'll exchange it for another standard size. If it was made to measure, we'll alter or remake it at no charge. Of course, we guarantee the stitching and zippers on every uniform and jacket for as long as the original purchaser owns it. If the stitching comes loose or a zipper breaks, please return the item to us with your sales receipt. We will repair it or replace the zipper at no charge. View our Guarantee page


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