FLO-LOK® Connectors

Item No. ZFL-300 (SERIES)
FLO-LOK® is a commercially-available liquid connector that will improve the reliability of the Microclimate Cooling System.
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FLO-LOK® Connectors

Flo-Lok™ Connectors
for Liquid Cooling Garments

FLO-LOK® is a commercially-available liquid connector that will improve the reliability of the Microclimate Cooling System. It latches securely for thousands of connect-disconnect cycles without significant change in hands-free break force.

Its robust glass-filled nylon shell and sturdy corrosion-resistant hardware and latch materials withstand shock and hard use. It can be maintained in the field with only basic tools and commonly-available components.

FLO-LOK® can be calibrated to a precise break force and adjusted with only basic tools. Calibrated break force varies by only ± 15% after 10,000 connect-disconnect cycles and testing indicates that its useable life is more than 20,000 cycles. The latch mechanism is not affected by either operational shock or vibration and its components can not rotate. Liquid loss is less than 1cc per 100 breaks

Latch Mechanism

FLO-LOK® connectors have a unique latch assembly and consists of two independent mechanisms, the Latch Pin Assembly in one connector half and the Manual Release in the other connector half. The Manual Release acts on, but is not integral to the Latch Pin Assembly.

The connector can be latched by pressing its halves together and disconnected by pushing the release button. Latch design prevents accidental release under normal operating conditions, but allows it to be pulled apart in an emergency. The hands-free release force required is calibrated during manufacturing and can be adjusted in the field.

An important feature of this design is that a failure of the connector's Manual Release will not affect the hands-free release.

Latch Pin Assembly

The connector's Latch Pin Assembly has been designed to be assembled and calibrated independently of the connector. Because of its discrete design, there is little variation in the latch's performance from one connector to another.

The Latch Pin Assembly incorporates two horizontally-opposed latch dogs and a spring to control break force. The force supplied by the latch spring is adjustable and can be precisely calibrated to the required break force. Calibration compensates for variations in springs or in machined components.

The latch pin's disconnect force is controlled by a single-helix spring whose tension is pre-set to customer specifications during manufacturing and can be easily adjusted in the field using only basic tools. Each connector's spring allows adjustment within a range. If an application requires a disconnect force outside the range of the spring, a different spring can be used.

The connector's latch is not affected by either shock or vibration. Its latch pin cannot rotate. If the latch fails, it fails in the unlatched position.

Manual Release

The connector's Manual Release incorporates a durable bronze-aluminum catch. When the connector halves are pressed together, the Latch Pin Assembly's latch dogs engage the Manual Release's catch.

Pressing a push button on the Manual Release moves a slider that depresses the latch dogs and causes the connector to disconnect. Pulling the two connector halves apart also causes the latch dogs to depress and the connector to disconnect.

Tubing Strain Relief

The connector will accept either 3/16” or 1/4” I.D. and either 5/16" or 3/8" O.D. tubing by installing the appropriate size hose barb and strain relief during manufacturing. Other tubing sizes can be accommodated through secondary machining of the strain relief.


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