Oxygen Mask Receivers

Item No. HG-A5614-20
O2 receivers lock and hold mask bayonets in place.
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Lightweight Mask Receiver (Pair) $38.00
Oxygen Mask Reciever, White (Each) $58.00
Oxygen Mask Reciever, Chrome (Each) $59.00

Oxygen Mask Receivers

We offer three types of oxygen mask receivers; light weight, white, and chrome.

Light Weight oxygen mask receivers are used by the military fighter pilots to help reduce the weight of their helmet. These receivers are individually fitted on the helmet for the user as once they are installed they are not adjustable. They are sold in a pair.

White oxygen mask receivers consist of a light weight receiver enclosed in a metal housing. The receiver can be rotated up to 15 degrees for fitting the oxygen mask to your face. The housing can be painted to match your helmet. They are sold individually

Chrome oxygen mask receivers tend to scratch less. These receivers are white oxygen mask receivers that have been chromed. They are sold individually.

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