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Gibson & Barnes Professional Paint

Gibson & Barnes professional paint is smooth, beautiful, and deeply lustrous.

We use tough automotive paints that protect your helmet and give years of service.  Finishes can be glossy or matte.

Our standard colors are less expensive because we buy those colors by the gallon and paint them regularly.  Custom colors cost a little more because we must buy the paint in more expensive pints and set up to paint only one helmet or part.

Standard colors are White, Yellow, Air Tractor Yellow, Red, Medium Blue, Air Tractor Blue, Dark Blue, Metallic Silver, Black, Military Gray, and Military Olive.  Other colors are custom colors.

These are the steps in painting your helmet:

1.     Fill and sand the helmet to a smooth finish
2.     Prime the shell
3.     Sanding
4.     Paint the color coat
5.     Sanding under water
6.     Paint the first clear coat
7.     Sanding under water
8.     Apply artwork and name if ordered
9.     Paint the second clear coat


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