Communication Converters

Item No. HCC-C11-S12
Communications adapters to convert military communications to civilian (VHF) radios.
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Comm Converter TP12- to TP120 12" $118.00
Comm Converter TP12- to TP120 36" $130.00
Comm Converter TP12- to P5568 12" $130.00
Comm Converter TP12- to P5568 36" $144.00

Communication Converters

Communication converters adapt (8 OHM) military helmet or headset to civillian (150 OHM) (VHF) radios.  These converters amplify the microphone and increase the impedance on the earphones.

Choosing your cord:

Description starts with the jack(s) on the helmet side and ends with the plug(s) on the radio side.

TP-120 is single plug or Jack(U-92)

P5568  is two plug General aviation plugs or jacks

Available in 12", 36", 48", and 60"; or call for custom lengths.

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