PA-101 Amplifier with microphone cord

Item No. HCM-A101-07
A PA-101 amplifier with microphone cord amplifies either a microphone boom mounted M-87 or M-101 microphone for use with civilian VHF, FM or business band radio.
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PA-101 Amplified with 7" Cord $88.00
PA-101 Amplified with 14" cord $88.00

PA-101 Amplifier with microphone cord

The amplifier is located next to the microphone. Two pins are mounted in the amplifier for insertion into the microphone. The opposite end of the cord ends in a U-173 plug. Other configurations and lengths are available upon request.

Choose a 7” cord for HGU-33,55, 68, and 84 helmets.

Choose a 14” cord for HGU-56 and SPH-5 helmets.

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