China National Aviation Corporation leather chest patch

China National Aviation Corporation leather chest patch

Item No. EP-CNAC-L
The CNAC was the forerunner to the USAAF ATC (Air Transport Command). This larger version is intended for the chest.
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China National Aviation Corporation chest patch $78.00

China National Aviation Corporation chest patch

The Government of China and Curtiss-Wright Corporation formed China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC) in 1929. In 1933 it became a partnership between the Chinese Government and Pan American Airways.

CNAC transported supplies and personnel for the famous Flying Tigers, flying between bases in Burma and China. It also pioneered air supply routes over the Himalayan Mountains between India and China, popularly known as the "Hump."

The Flying Tigers were disbanded in 1942, and many of its pilots joined CNAC which was soon absorbed into the Army Air Force Air Transport Command.

Japanese Forces soon cut the Burma Road between India, Burma and China, and CNAC transported vital materials and personnel over the Hump's 500 miles of inhospitable weather and terrain while dodging marauding Japanese fighters.

Between April 1942 and August 1945, CNAC crews flew the C-47 on more than 38,000 trips over the Hump, transporting 114,500 tons of vital materials and personnel to Chinese and American Forces in China, Burma and India.

It was a cruel and demanding operation, from which many CNAC planes and their crews never returned. On December 31, 1949, the Chinese Government officially purchased the American shares, and CNAC passed out of existence.

Size: 5 inches diameter (12.7 cm)

Material: 100% leather, hand-cut & sewm goatskin

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