VB-20, Bombing 20 embroidered felt patch

VB-20, Bombing 20 embroidered felt patch

Item No. EP-VB20
As it was customary with many of the Navy's squadron patches to be changed in design and nomenclature, in order to confuse Japanese Intelligence, VB-20's 'Screaming Indian' was taken from VS-10. before it was changed once again.
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VB-20, Bombing 20 embroidered felt patch $48.00

VB-20, Bombing 20 embroidered felt patch

The "Screaming Indian" squadron emblem was originally used by VS-2 then by VS-10. On March 1, 1943, the Navy redesignated VS-10 as VB-20 and assigned it to Air Group 10. VB-20 used this patch until August 1944 when it changed to a cat and skull design.

The squadron, called the Tough Kitties, flew the SB2C-3 Curtis Helldiver from Enterprise (CV-6). Its pilots flew strikes in the Bonin, Palau, Peleliu, Okinawa, Formosa, and Luzon campaigns. In October, 1944, it flew sorties in the Sibuyan Sea, contributing to the sinking of the Musashi, one of the largest battleships in the world. Late in the war, Bombing 20 crossdecked to Lexington (CV-16), striking Leyte, Luzon, Formosa, Hong Kong, and Okinawa.

After the war, VB-20 was redesignated Attack Squadron 94 (VA-94) and its pilots transitioned to the AD Skyraider, F9F Panther, FJ-3 Fury, A4D Skyhawk, A-7 Corsair, and the FA-18 Hornet. Squadron pilots flew numerous missions in Vietnam and in the Persian Gulf.

Size: 6 1/4 inches (16 cm) by 4 3/4 inches (12 cm)

Material: Embroidered on gold wool felt

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