Women's Airforce Service Pilot embroidered felt patch

Women's Airforce Service Pilot embroidered felt patch

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They were sometimes referred to as the 'Ladies of the Skies', with good reason. They flew every kind of airplane built during the war, from the hottest fighters to the heaviest of bombers.
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Women's Airforce Service Pilot embroidered patch $48.00

Women's Airforce Service Pilot embroidered patch

Women's Airforce Service Pilots flew non-combat missions during World War II to free men for combat. Although the Air Force trained only about 1,200 WASP's, they had an enormous impact on World War II aviation.

Women pilots assigned to the Air Transport Command ferried forty-three types of aircraft, including small primary trainers, the fastest fighters, heavy transports, and huge bombers, from factories to bases throughout the United States and Canada. They towed targets, took meteorologists up for weather observations, transported equipment, broke in engines, and flew as couriers.

Wasps went through AAF Training Command primary, intermediate and advanced training at Avenger Field, Sweetwater, Texas. Their twenty-seven week curriculum was the same as that given to aviation cadets. They received additional transitional instruction at the air base to which they were assigned.

Although Wasps were on Civil Service status, they were entitled to the privileges of officers when on an Army base and had to conform to military regulations when on duty. WASP wings were the standard AAF silver wings with a lozenge in the center.

The mascot on their patch was called Fifinella; she was cute, agile, and always ready to take up the flying challenge. This epitomized the spirit that was the WASP who served this country very well in a time of need. Their contributions are documented and stand for spirit that made this country the great nation we are.

Size: 5 inches (12.5 cm) by 5 1/2 inches (14 cm)

Material: Embroidered on white wool felt

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