HGU-56 Energy Absorbing (EA) Liner

Item No. HG-D7812
Energy absorbing liner for HGU-56 helmet.
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HGU-56 Styrofoam Liner 2X-Small $48.00
HGU-56 Styrofoam Liner X-Small $48.00
HGU-56 Styrofoam Liner Small $48.00
HGU-56 Styrofoam Liner Medium $48.00
HGU-56 Styrofoam Liner Large $48.00
HGU-56 Styrofoam Liner X-Large $48.00

HGU-56 Energy Absorbing (EA) Liner

 HGU-56 Energy Absorbing (EA) Liner

The energy absorbing liner is made of rigid polystyrene molded to conform to the inside of the helmet shell. Hook fastener tabs on the outside surface of the liner mate with pile fastener strips on the inside of the helmet shell, thereby simplifying liner installation and removal.

The energy absorbing liner reduces impact energy transmitted to the head.


Size:  2X-Small, X-Small, and Small, fit in a size Small helmet shell. The other sizes are helmet shell size specific.


Gentex Part# 

89D7812-1  Lining helmet, shock,  2X-Small

89D7812-2  Lining helmet, shock,  X-Small

89D7812-3  Lining helmet, shock,  Small

89D7812-4  Lining helmet, shock,  Medium

89D7812-5  Lining helmet, shock,  Large

89D7812-6  Lining helmet, shock,  X-Large


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