HGU-56 Maxillofacial Shield Hardware Kit

Item No. HG--C7816-1
Complete hardware kit for the attachment of the maxillofacial shield.
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HGU-56 Maxillofacial Shield Hardware Kit $28.00

HGU-56 Maxillofacial Shield Hardware Kit

Parts for mounting a maxillofacial shield to a HGU-56 helmet.

If the MFS is removed from the helmet assembly, the plugs can be used to fill the screw holes.


This kit includes: 

T-nut  6/32 x .033 inches (4)

Screw, pan head  6/32 x 1/4 inches (4)

Plugs (4)

Striker (2)

HGU-56 maxillofacial system assemby installation/operation instructions.


Gentex part # 
89C7816-2  Latch hardware Kit 

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