HGU-84 Integrated Chin & Nape System

Item No. HG-C7864
Complete chin and nape system for HGU-84.
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HGU-84 Integrated Chin/Nape Assembly $188.00

HGU-84 Integrated Chin & Nape System

The integrated chin/nape strap is a unique, one-piece assembly threaded through the helmet and adjusts at the chinstrap. Cross straps are through the napestrap pad and adjust simultaneously with the the chinstrap to provide a snug and comfortable fit.

Spacer bars are optional and are used to provide additional snugness in nape area. Sliding clamps are provided on the left and right nape straps at the shell slots to allow individual adjustment of the nape straps when desired. The chin/nape assembly is made from nylon webbing fabric.

The nape pad is covered with leather and the chin pad is covered with cotton/polyester.


The assembly includes:                    Gentex Part #

Nape spacer pad Kit                         90C7864-1

Nape strap pad                                 90C7864-2

Nape strap w/ double D-ring             90C7864-3 

Nape strap w/ Single D-ring              90C7864-4 

Chin strap 

Chinpad, back

T-nut 10-32 inch (2)

External tooth lock washer #10 (2) 

Pan-head machine screw 10/32 X 3/8 inch (2)

Barrell lock chinstrap clamp assembly (2)

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