Single Bungee Visor for HGU-84

Item No. HG-D7139
Replacement lenses for the HGU-84. Available in dark, clear, amber, gradient, and high contrast lenses.
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HGU-84 Bungee Lens 12/P Dark $168.00
HGU-84 Bungee Lens 12/P Clear $168.00
HGU-84 Bungee Lens 12/P Gradient $328.00
HGU-84 Bungee Lens 12/P Amber $178.00
HGU-84 Bungee Lens Cover Grey $42.00
HGU-84 Bungee Lens Cover Black $42.00
HGU-84 Visor Hardware Kit $6.00

Single Bungee Visor for HGU-84

This snap-on visor assembly attaches to the outside shell by snap fasteners on each side. Visor straps are secured to each side of the visor by two rivets and have strap adjustment buckles. The lens opening is cut to fit a MBU-12/P mask.

Dark Lens are used for moderate to bright sunlight conditions.

Clear Lens are used for low intensity light and night time conditions.

Amber lens are used for light haze, smog, and reflected light off snow.

Gradient lens help the wearer see instruments clearer when outside conditions are moderate to bright sunlight and low light to dark conditions in the cockpit. An example of this set of conditions would be flying into the sun at sunrise or sunset. The top of the lens is similar to a dark lens and the tinting transitions from dark to light towards the bottom of the lens. 

The High Contrast visor (HCV) provides the wearer with a heightened and enhanced field of vision when flying in low-light conditions, such as foggy, overcast, hazy, or cloudy environments. This advanced polycarbonate HCV creates a viewing field where all blue components appear black or very dark and other color components are nearly their normal color.

The leather lens cover and lens hardware kit are not part of the lens and  are available separately. 

Gentex Part # 

83D7139-1, 85D7139-1

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