HGU-55 Chinstrap and Leather Pad with Hardware

Item No. HG-C6213
Complete chinstrap system for the HGU-55 helmet.
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HGU Chinstrap with Hardware & Black Pad $47.62
HGU Chinstrap with Hardware & Grey Pad $47.62

HGU-55 Chinstrap and Leather Pad with Hardware

The chinstrap assembly consists of a chin strap made of nylon webbing and a felt chin pad covered with cotton fabric. The length of the chin strap is adjusted by a buckle on the left side.


This assembly includes:

HGU chinstrap

HGU leather chinpad

HGU chin/nape screw 10/32 x 3/8" (2)

HGU chin/nape star washer 5/16" (2)

HGU chin/nape T-nut (2)

HGU chin/nape flat washer 1/4" (2)

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