HGU-33 X-Liner

Item No. HG-D11925
X-Liner is the most advanced high-tech helmet liner. It keeps you cool, clean and comfortable.
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HGU-33 X-Liner Medium 1/2" Thick $108.00
HGU-33 X-Liner Medium 3/4" Thick $108.00
HGU-33 X-Liner Large 1/2" Thick $108.00
HGU-33 X-Liner Large 3/4" Thick $108.00
HGU-33 X-Liner X-Large 1/2" Thick $108.00
HGU-33 X-Liner X-Large 3/4" Thick $108.00

HGU-33 X-Liner

X Liner is GENTEX’s most advanced high-tech helmet fitting system. It is comfortable, cool, clean, and easy to install. 

Inside the revolutionary X Liner are two layers of visco-elastic comfort foam that instantly and continuously adjust to your head. The soft inner layer adjusts quickly as you fly it fits perfectly, eliminates, hot spots, and stabilizes your helmet. The firmer outer layer adjusts more slowly and its firmness helps keep your helmet from bottoming out.

You can enjoy the self-adjusting comfort of X-Liner even in hot or cold weather because the visco elastic foam used in the X-Liner is not sensitive to temperature. Other visco elastic foams become too hard in cold weather and are too soft in hot weather.

X Liner’s unique design promotes air circulation and increases evaporation so you stay cool. Your helmet will also be more stable as X Liner’s shape eliminates roll and creep.

Antimicrobial X-static© fabric keeps X Liner clean and odor free. X-Static fabric is made with a layer of 99.9% pure silver bonded to the surface of the fiber to kill odor-causing bacteria, eliminate static, and conduct heat away from you.

Installing your X-liner is simple. Adjust its shape with four strips of Velcro© and place it in your helmet where five pieces of Velcro© keep it in place.

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