VF-84, Jolly Rogers squadron patch

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Fully embroidered multiple colors squadron patch.
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VF-84, Jolly Rogers squadron patch $8.95

VF-84, Jolly Rogers squadron patch

The first Jolly Rogers started as VF-17 in January 1943 They flew the F4U Corsair. The squadron was broken up and reformed again in April 1944, this time flying the F6F Hellcat. All in all, the combined war record of both the original and reformed VF-17 squadron made it the highest scoring Navy squadron of WW II with a total of 313 victories with 23 Aces on its rosters.

In May 1944 VF-84 was formed and like VF-17, it also flew the F4U Corsair. Because of a kamikaze attack on its carrier, the USS Bunker Hill, the squadron came to an abrupt end on May 11, 1945. Though reformed as an F6F Hellcat squadron, war ended before it was assigned to carrier duty when it was disbanded in October 1945.

The squadron went through several re-designations, surfacing as VA-86 in July 1955 flying the FJ-3 Fury. The new Jolly Rogers first aircraft was the F-8C Crusader which stayed with them from 1959 to 1964 when they got the new powerful F-4 Phantom II, keeping them from latter 1964 to 197.

Their last aircraft was the F-14 Tomcat which they flew from 1976 to 1995 when the squadron was disbanded. The Jolly Roger emblem was adopted by VF-103.

VF-84 was featured in a 1980 Hollywood production called The Final Countdown. It is the story about a carrier that goes through a time warp and finds itself back in time just as the attack on Pearl Harbor is about to be unleashed. The movie was shot aboard the carrier USS Nimitz on one of VF-84 cruises. We have duplicated the patches as worn by the squadron at the time.

Size: 4 1/4" (11cm) tall, 3 3/4" (9 1/2 cm wide

Material: Fully embroidered polyester thread

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