Rotatable Bayonet Receiver (R2)

Item No. HG-G013-0003-03
The GENTEX® Rotatable Bayonet Receiver (R2) is the most versatile bayonet receiver system available.
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Rotatable Bayonet Receiver (R2) Gray (Pair) $188.00

Rotatable Bayonet Receiver (R2)

The GENTEX® Rotatable Bayonet Receiver (R2) is the most versatile bayonet receiver system available. The lightweight design incorporates all of the features and capabilities that the modern pilot demands and results in measureable time savings through ease of installation and expanded adjustability. Additionally, R2’s ability to rotate sides during the fitting of oxygen masks allows for an improved fit.

The R2's provides 30 degrees of rotation over current light weight 02 receivers with adjustment via top-mounted, common screws. Each unit can be mounted and hinge on either side of a helmet and can be accessed with either gloved hand and have three hinge settings (left side, right side or neutral). Their anti-snag contour feature prevents  parachute risers from becoming entangled with either the bayonet or the receiver.
The Rotatable Bayonet Receivers (R2) are compatible with MBU-12/P, MBU-20/P, JSAM, and AERP oxygen masks along with NVGs, JHMCS, Dual Visor Kits, High Speed Visors, and Step-In Visors.Each R2 are made from proven, durable, flame and UV resistant materials. They come with a mounting template and instructions to aid in proper location on helmet shell and are available in multiple colors to match various helmet schemes The R2s provide a ‘plug-and-play’ replacement for the current light weight  bayonet receivers without modification to the helmet shell (only if receivers were initially located correctly on the helmet shell).

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