Helmet Service and Repair

Helmet Service and Repair

If you would like to send your helmet to us now, you may download the Helmet Service form below, complete it, and include it in the box with the helmet when you ship it to us.
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Helmet Service and Repair

Just ship your helmet to our factory:

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When all those years of use are beginning to show on your helmet, you can send it in for a complete service and repair.  We'll inspect it with a detailed checklist.

You can choose to replace worn-out and non-functioning parts or choose a complete refurbishment.  With your approval, we'll sand and repaint your helmet, replace the edge roll and other helmet and communications parts.  If you decide not to have your helmet serviced, repaired, or refurbished, we'll ship it back to you, UPS ground free of charge.


What to expect when you send your helmet to us

 We will inspect your helmet at no cost to you
1. We will tell you the repairs needed and the cost of the repairs
2. If you decide not to repair your helmet, we will send it back to you free

Some Helmets contain parts that are:
1. Counterfeit – Parts that look like Mil-spec parts but may not meet military specifications and may be dangerous
2. Obsolete – Parts that have been replaced by parts that provide significantly better levels of protection
3. Unserviceable – Parts that are worn out or damaged and may not provide the protection intended

If your helmet contains counterfeit, obsolete, or unserviceable parts:
1. We will tell you the cost of replacing these parts with new genuine Mil-spec parts.
2. If you decide not to replace these parts, we cannot work on the helmet, and we will send it back to you free

Why we must replace all the counterfeit, obsolete, and unserviceable parts:
1. Counterfeit parts may be dangerous because they may not provide the same level of protection as Mil-spec parts
2. Obsolete parts provide a significantly lower level of protection than newer Mil-spec parts.
3. Unserviceable parts are worn out or damaged and may not provide the protection intended
4. If we work on your helmet and do not replace these parts with Mil-spec parts, we may be legally liable.

Common examples of parts that must be replaced:
1. Counterfeit – earcups, retentions, shells, energy absorbing liners, lenses
2. Obsolete – energy-absorbing liners, retentions, earcups
3. Unserviceable – damaged energy-absorbing liners, cracked shells, worn retentions

We wish counterfeit parts did not exist, but there are thousands of helmets with counterfeit and obsolete parts in them.

If you thought you were buying a Mil-spec helmet, but received a helmet that contains counterfeit or obsolete parts, you might be able to get your money back from the company that sold it to you.

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