HGU-56 Dual Visor Dazzle Laser Defense Lens

HGU-56 Dual Visor Dazzle Laser Defense Lens

Item No. HG-D7618-3
Laser protective lenses offer laser threat protection for professional and private pilots.
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HGU-56 Dual Dazzle Lens Inner Night $218.00
HGU-56 Dual Dazzle Lens Outer Day $198.00

HGU-56 Laser Protective Lenses

GENTEX laser dazzle protective lenses were developed to combat the increasing threat of laser strikes during critical phases of flight. The key protection comes from absorbing optical dye’s and lens coatings, which shields the user from hazardous reflected or scattered laser light. With dazzle protective lenses and spectacles users can easily maintain flight and personal safety during lasing incidents.

The lenses provide maximum protection in the green part of the visible spectrum, which is the number one reported color in laser strike reports. The day visor also adds protection against red and blue. The night visor adds protection against blue.

Color spectrum protection:

Day: Green, Red and Blue.
Night: Green and Blue

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