Dazzle Laser Defense Spectacles

Item No. HG-D7618-3Z
Dazzle spectacles offer laser threat protection for professional and private pilots.
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Dazzle Laser Defense Spectacles $218.00

Dazzle Laser Defense Spectacles

To combat emerging laser threats that may be encountered by pilots during critical phases of flight, Gentex has developed a line of laser protective flight-helmet mounted visors and spectacles, Gentex Dazzle Laser Defense Eyewear. The perfect choice for commercial pilots to combat the hazards of low-intensity lasers without compromising visual acuity, Dazzle Eyewear comes available as visors for the Gentex HGU-56/P and SPH-5® Rotary Wing Aircrew Helmet Systems and as spectacles to be worn with or without a flight-helmet. Both formats come in day and night versions, with all lenses designed to maintain see-through color perception. Low cost of ownership, comfort, equipment compatibility, and durability round out the benefits of Gentex Dazzle Laser Defense Eyewear.

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