Discovery Jacket

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Discovery Jacket

Item No. JK1P2
Don’t cover up these eye-catching uniforms with anything but a matching jacket.
Choose From Upper Color Lower Color Price Select
Heavyweight NOMEX® with Lightweight Lining $424.00
Heavyweight NOMEX® with Permanent Fleece Lining $494.00
Heavyweight NOMEX® with Zip-out Fleece Vest Lining $534.00
Standard Size Size 

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Discovery Jacket

Don’t cover up these eye-catching uniforms with anything but a matching jacket. Both jackets have fabric collars, knit cuffs, and knit waistbands. And you get two front pockets, a sleeve pocket, and a true action back for complete mobility and comfort. Add any option you need including wallet pockets, nametags and embroidery. Available in lightweight and warm styles, jackets made from Resolute® polyester/cotton twill fabric feature a lightweight polyester twill lining or warm Thinsulate™ Insulation. Jackets made of NOMEX® IIIA fiber come with a lightweight or warm heavyweight fleece lining made from NOMEX®.

Front pockets
Sleeve pocket
Fabric collar
Knit cuffs
Knit waistband
Pleated action back

Who Wears It?:
Emergency Response, Law Enforcement, Aviation, Industry

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How to Measure for a Perfect Fit

Make sure tape measure is held snugly (not tightly) against your body. For circumference measurements (chest/waist/hips), tape measure should be parallel to floor.

If fiting for a flight suit, take measurements over garments you intend to wear under suit.

Chest/Bust: With arms relaxed at sides, measure around the fullest part of chest/bust.

Natural Waist: Measure around fullest part of waist(usually at navel level and small of back ).

Pant Waist: Measure around point where your trousers would normally ride (in your underwear).

Hips: Stand with heels together. Measure around fullest part of hips/seat.

Inseam: Measure from snug in crotch to bottom hem of well fitting pants.

Outseam: Measure from side point of "Pant Waist" measurement , to bottom hem of pants.

Shoulder: Across from widest point of one shoulder , up to center-back of neck's base , to widest point of opposite shoulder.

Sleeve: From center-back of neck base , around widest point of shoulder , to back of slightly bent elbow, to wrist.

Collar to Waist: Measure from bottom of collar, down to center-back of "Natural Waist". Let tape measure follow contour of back.

Collar to Inseam: Repeat "Collar to Waist", but continue down to snug up inside center inseam , following contour of seat.


We can customize your suit with the options you need to do your job.

American Flag Patches

Left Shoulder White

Right Shoulder

Nametag Loop

Nametag Loop

Embroidery Nametag

Leather Nametag


Nametag Holder

Belt Keepers

Nametag Holder Vertical

Nametag Holder Horizontal

Belt Keeper

Sleeve Closures

Sleeve Zippers

Sleeve Cuffs

Hook Loop Tabs

Leg Closures

Hook and Loop Tabs

Leg Zippers Front

Leg Zippers Back

Leg Zippers Side


Beeper Holder

Padded Knees





Our zippers will provide you with the versatility to change the way your suit is worn and accommodate you in all different situations.

Leg Zippers

Leg Zipper Side

Leg Zipper Front

Leg Zipper Back

Zip-Off Sleeves

Sleeve Zippers

Front Entry Zippers

Zip-Off Sleeves

Sleeve Zippers

Front Entry Zippers


We manufacture all of our uniforms and can add the pockets you want and need.

Side Leg Pockets

Equipment Pocket

Cargo Pocket

Lower Leg Pocket

Thigh Pockets

Thigh Pocket

Hor. Thigh Pocket

Vert. Thigh Pocket

Front Trouser Pockets

Rear Pockets

Radio Pockets

Front Pockets

Rear Pocket
($6 per side)

Radio Pocket

Sleeve Pockets

Pencil Pocket

Sleeve Pocket

Embroidery & Reflective

Embroidered Namestrips: Made in any color stripe or fabric material, any color letters, sewn above chest pocket. Twenty-two letters maximum.
IMPORTANT - You CAN NOT have a nametag hook and loop installed on the same side as your namestripe.

Embroidered Logos (examples)


Dress up your uniform with company colors or just add a little style. Add reflective stripping so you can be seen when you're on a scene at night.

Stripe Colors (More Available)

We could not possibly show all of the colors we have available, this is just a small sample, please contact us if you would like a specific color that is not shown.

Stripe Patterns (More Available)

Around Sleeve
1 Stripe - $8
2 Stripes - $14
3 Stripes - $20

Down Sleeves
1 Stripe - $10
2 Stripes - $16
3 Stripes - $22

Full Front
1 Stripe - $16
2 Stripes - $24
3 Stripes - $32

Down Leg
1 Stripe - $12
2 Stripes - $18
3 Stripes - $24

Around Epaulets
1 Stripe - $6
2 Stripes - $10
3 Stripes - $14

Shoulder to Waist
1 Stripe - $12
2 Stripes - $18
3 Stripes - $24

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